Pipes - Drainage Systems

The ACO Pipe® push-fit system has a proven high level of resistance against aggressive media. A diverse and versatile range of fittings are available along with ACO drainage channels and scuppers to develop a complete tailored pipe system solution. Simple assembly and installation with reduced installation time and an exceptional level of corrosion resistance provide a cost efficient solution compared to conventional flanged black steel systems.

The ACO PIPE® push-fit pipe system is recognised and certified by all leading maritime classification societies.



The ACO PIPE® push-fit pipe system made from stainless steel (both AISI 304 and 316) provides a modern alternative to plastic and zinc-coated pipes for water drainage and vacuum systems.
The ACO Marine GM-X push-fit pipe system is made from galvanised carbon steel and has an additional internal coating to protect against abrasion damage and minimise the risk of damage to the galvanic coating.

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Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Through continued product development, ACO Marine has developed a new and extensive product line to meet the diverse requirements in the field of drainage systems for shipbuilding and offshore installations.

ACO Marine provides drainage solutions made of various materials. As standard, the products are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel (with additional internal coating). All ACO components represent an economic and hygienic drainage solution.

Thanks to a diversity of design options the ACO scupper range offers a solution to all surface drainage scenarios. High performance ACO scuppers are suitable for installation in:

  • bathrooms
  • galleys
  • laundries
  • sanitary facilities
  • interior and exterior deck areas
  • car deck surfaces
  • swimming pools
  • machinery spaces
  • special surfaces
  • cold storage rooms

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